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Pre-Alpha Demo Download Links

(PC) Windows – 6.7GB:

Pre-Alpha Demo - Support FAQs

I received "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing" when trying to run the game, what do I do?

You need to download and install “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019” from (located in the “Other Tools and Frameworks” section)

I received "CreateProcess() returned 5" when trying to run the game, what do I do?

If you use Avast AntiVirus, do the following:
Open the Avast user interface, go to Settings > General > scroll down until you see Exclusions > then add the extracted folder there.
If you are not using Avast AntiVirus and still receiving this message, please contact us.

Where are Natural Balance's saved games, logs, and client configurations stored?

You can delete (or rename) that entire folder should there be a need to wipe characters and / or reset settings when there are non-repairable issues.

Windows is asking for permission for node.exe, is that expected?

Yes, it is used for the local / offline version of the energy system’s server. That permission request is expected and required for that system to function.

Pre-Alpha Demo - Known User-Impacting Issues

  • Fireball and Flame Bolt – Projectiles from these abilities sometimes do not correctly collide with certain enemies that are that are right next to the player character or on a different plane.
  • Inactive ley line map pins at portals – When interacting with a ley line portal, the map pins of attuned portals on the map panel sometimes do not activate (as indicated by a solid golden button). If that occurs, first try to move into the center of the portal’s base and then interact with the base again (this might take a couple of attempts); If you still cannot get the pins to show as active, try changing your resolution to a different aspect ratio and then try to interact again.
  • Upheavals in hub zones – The effects from Upheaval events are occurring in the hub zones when they should not.


Page Last Updated On: 12-01-2021

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