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Energy System

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Natural Balance’s world is encompassed by nine energies. Eight of which are associated to a specific aspect and the last one is unconditionally neutral. Many, but not all, of the living and non-living things on this planet have a direct connection to an aspect. In the more exceptional cases, entities have the ability to control their aligned energy. The most notable users are the Elementals, who align with the energy aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, and the Primals, whose energy aspects consist of Poison, Frequency, Blood, or Disease.

As the quantity and abilities of these manipulators grew, it created rippling side effects that began to impact the stability of opposing energies. Eventually altercations began as each race tried to maintain their own declining energy. Over time the energy levels became so dire that the deities, who ruled over their own energy, began to intervene by summoning champions to protect the life sustaining supplies. Thus began an all out war across the entire planet in an attempt to restore a more natural balance.


Energy Mechanic

A one-of-a-kind gameplay mechanic in the ActionRPG genre where the actions of your character, along with the actions of all other players, affect the world itself and everyone in it. While you play as a figure from one of two opposing factions, the conduct of both sides create a tug-of-war over the energies bringing beneficial or harmful results in the process.


Completing quests, using cisterns, vanquishing energy using foes, traveling via ley lines, and potentially other activities, all alter the levels of affiliated energies.


Objects that are directly connected to an energy are affected in its own way and in direct proportion to the quantity of the remaining energy. For example, a piece of your gear can have an energy affix where its stat dynamically shifts between a low to high value or the energetic glow of certain plants or rocks can be vacant to vibrant.






Elemental Energies


Primal Energies





Energy Events

Special activities occur for everyone when an individual energy reaches one of the various trigger points. As these events are driven entirely by each and every player, it brings diversity throughout the entire journey, not just at the end-game, for all characters and promotes long-term replayability.


At excessively high energy levels, surplus energy is released in the form of a worldwide, cataclysmic discharge that impacts all of the active players. In the case of fire energy, volcanoes erupt, raining searing balls of lava onto the world. For disease energy, decayed corpses rise out of the ground to plague those who wander too close.

Groupless Raids

At certain tiers of energy depletion, characters of the rival faction gain the opportunity to participate in a challenging raid event against a powerful foe – without needing to be in a party, guild, or open world instance. Anyone who desires to participate in the raid can contribute, even if they are at lower levels. The final tier raids will drop the best loot in the game, thereby encouraging players to strategically alter energy levels in order to regain access.

Additional Details

Further information about this system can be found in our Developer Blog ( and the accompanying Vlog:
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