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What is Natural Balance: Chronicles?

Natural Balance: Chronicles is a single player isometric Action RPG that is designed as a four-part mini-series. Each release will allow you to experience two stories that revolve around a pair of natural enemies.

Where and When can I play Natural Balance: Chronicles?

Natural Balance: Chronicles is currently in pre-alpha development and therefore is not available to play in any form.

Why is Natural Balance: Chronicles a mini-series?

Tocino Games is a start-up indie game studio. Since we do not have the budget nor manpower of AAA studio, we need to plan and work effectively to be able to not just simply deliver a game, but to also provide a cohesive and enjoyable experience. To do that, we have chosen to divide the Chronicles series into four parts, each of which will encompass roughly one “Act”. With each progressive release we will add the next two stories with new lands to explore and provide additional features.

This build and release cycle will help us to deliver the first product to the players faster, allow us to iterate and improve upon the existing systems, and greatly reduce the chances to not over commit or under deliver game features and content.

Upon completing the Chronicles mini-series. Our overall plan is to convert the series into a full online, multi-player ARPG with expanded features and a new story that will leverage most of the existing content. We strongly believe that this approach will be a more effective and beneficial path to allow us to reach our end goal.


Will Natural Balance: Chronicles work offline?

The energy system mechanic, along with its associated events, and the use of blockchain assets will require online connectivity. The remainder of the game can be played offline.

Will Natural Balance: Chronicles support mods?

While we have considered the use of mods, at this time we do not intend to support the ability to add mods into the game.

What gaming platforms will be supported?

The game will support the PC platform using Windows 7 or higher.

In which languages will the game be available?

Natural Balance: Chronicles initially will support English voice and text. Support for Spanish text will be added as soon as we are able.


Can players buy game boosting / pay-to-win items?

Definitely not! Tocino Games wants to provide an equal playing opportunity where accomplishments are based on the dedication and skills of the players.

What types of microtransactions will be sold?

Our current plans include, but are not limited to, enhanced “hair” styles and skins for weapons, armor, and familiars (aka pets).

Enjin & Blockchain

What / Who is Enjin?

Enjin offers an ecosystem of integrated products that make it easy for everyone to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain. For more information, visit

What are Enjin Coins (ENJ)?

The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of Enjin-powered blockchain assets. For more information, visit

What is blockchain gaming?

In a game that uses a blockchain, unlike typical in-game items, assets that are blockchain-based are not stored on the player’s computer. Instead, they are stored on a decentralized network or “blockchain network.”

How will blockchain assets be used in this game?

Natural Balance: Chronicles will use blockchain assets for skins and cosmetic assets that will remain a part of your blockchain account. Unlike regular micro-transactions, these items will carry over through the entire game series and in some cases can be sold on Enjin’s marketplace ( or potentially be used in other games participating in the Multiverse (

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Where to get the latest news about Natural Balance: Chronicles?

Along with this website, Natural Balance: Chronicles also releases its news, developer bits, and other important information at these official locations:

Official trailers and some developer bits are also provided on the YouTube channel:

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