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Tocino Games
Based in Santiago, Chile
Founded on February 2020

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Isometric Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG)

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Unreal Engine 4

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Natural Balance: Chronicles is a single player isometric Action RPG that is designed as a four-part mini-series. Each release will allow you to experience two stories that revolve around a pair of natural enemies.

The first game in the series is about the personal struggles between a fire wielding Pyrokin Elemental and a disease manipulating Virnox Primal, as they personally struggle with the hostile implications caused by each faction trying to maintain their respective energy levels.

Through their bitter tales, you will explore the various regions of their savage, alien planet. In addition to dealing with your adversaries, you will also battle wild creatures, learn about the mysterious world, and find items that will help you to survive, all while struggling to maintain a natural balance to the connected energy of your selected race.

Unique Features

While the core game play is similar to other isometric ActionRPGs, the Natural Balance series offers unique features that are not currently found in any other game of this genre:

Energy System: The activities of every player in the world affects the global energy balance. Completing a quest, using a cistern, vanquishing an opposing faction, using the ley line (transportation) system, all directly affect those pools of energy. Players can have characters on opposing sides, creating a never ending struggle which yields unscripted results to support long-term replayability. When there is an energy imbalance, certain events occur for everyone.

  • Upheavals: When an individual energy remains at excessively high levels, the extra energy is released in that form of a cataclysmic discharge that impacts all of the active players. In the case of Fire energy, volcanoes erupt, raining balls of fire on the world. For Disease energy, corpses rise from out of the ground and plague those who wander too close.
  • Groupless Raids: When an individual energy reaches certain tiers of depletion, characters of the rival faction gain the opportunity to participate in a special raid event against a powerful enemy – without needing to be in a party, guild, or open world instance. Anyone who desires to participate in the raid can contribute, even if they are at lower levels.



First Look Video Trailer (Pre-Alpha)



Pre-Alpha Demo Teaser

Infernal Foothills #4

About Tocino Games

Tocino Games is an independent game development studio that was formed in 2020 by Steve Busko. Our name came about because of a memorable bacon meme and internal mailing list at Mythic Studios. “Bacon” was then translated into Spanish to connect us to Santiago, Chile where the initial ideas for our first project began.

Steve, a lifetime gamer since he first laid his hands on Pong, has over 20 years in the IT tech industry. He was also a Development Manager at Mythic Studios on the team that released the AAA MMO Warhammer Online. Using his remote management experience and leadership, he is bringing together a global team to integrate blockchain assets and build a distinct new world for the isometric Action RPG genre.

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