Natural Balance: Chronicles to support Unreal Engine 5

Tocino Games is officially announcing our plan to support and migrate our Action RPG – Natural Balance: Chronicles (#NBCARPG) to Unreal Engine 5, which was recently disclosed, so that we can provide the best graphics quality and features that our player base deserves.

While not all of the technology is available in the current engine, we are already making plans to allow us to transition to the new or updated features as they become available. We recognize that this transition will add to our development time, however, we feel that it is the right decision for the game since we are in a pre-alpha stage of development.

In the end the benefits will be worth it! With the additions of Nanite (which allows for higher quality assets) and Lumen (which provides more effective lighting options), we can take the Action RPG genre to a new visual level of hot bacon goodness that the latest games can not match!

Steve – Project Lead

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