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Energy Mechanic

Post has published by UUCyberSteve
Overview Natural Balance: Chronicles (NB:C) provides an innovative gameplay system that is unique to the isometric Action RPG / Hack-n-Slash genre. This blog will provide details about the energy system and its related components in order to help users understand...

The Art of Dodge

Post has published by UUCyberSteve
We are back for our second Developer's Blog, this time it is about dodging in an isometric Action RPG. Personally, I can't count the number of times that I thought, "wow, I could have avoided that damage only if ..."....

ARPG – A happy middle ground

Post has published by UUCyberSteve
Welcome to our first developer's blog here at Tocino Games! My name is Steve, the project lead for our game that is currently in development. I am starting off with the topic about a "happy middle ground" because it was...
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