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Game Overview

Natural Balance: Chronicles is an unprecedented isometric Action RPG where your actions, along with the actions of other players, affect the world itself and everyone in it through the unique energy system with its innovative gameplay mechanics and events!

With each release of its episodic design, choose between two natural enemies and experience their independent journeys as they struggle with the harmful acts caused by the opposing race, as each side fights to sustain sufficient levels of their respective energy in order to survive.

The first chronicle in the series involves the personal stories of a fire energy wielding Pyrokin from the Elemental faction and a disease energy manipulating Virnox of the Primal faction. Which energy will you fight for as you traverse the savage, mystical planet?

LATEST STATUS: 04 DEC 2020 – We are pleased to announce the launch of the pre-alpha demo that provides a hands-on, early look into its innovative energy system and distinct world. Download the free demo at:

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Pre-Alpha Demo Teaser
Unique Carapace Armor
Early Achievements
Cave Teaser
Pre-Alpha Demo Teaser
Cave Teaser
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